The article describes how to put a student in pause mode, not the opportunity to log in, due to a break in studies.

But this measure makes it so that the student no longer has the opportunity to log in to their account, on this course. If the student wants to resume their participation in the course, this can be reversed.


Find the menu

  • Go to the Users menu on the left


Pause Student

  • In the Context right dropdown menu, select the course that the student is in.

  • In the student list for the course, click on the student you want to put in pause mode

A new view will appear with the status of the selected student.

  • Click the menu Roles

  • Click on the row with the Student role and connection to course

  • A new window will pop up. Click the Remove access button.

The result is that the student no longer has any connection to the course

Reintroduce Student into a course occasion

  • Click Student again
  • Click Roles
  • Click the Add role button
  • Select the Student role
  • Select the current course under the Context dropdown menu
  • Press the Save button

The result is that the student once again has the role of student, on the chosen course and with this also has the opportunity to log in to the course again.

In connection with this, the student receives a notification email, where they receive information about which course they have been added to and a button for logging in