This article describes different ways to create a voucher during the registration process.

A registration can contain several steps connected. Some of them involves payment of some kind. If you as a candidate have received a voucher to be used during an application process, you can use it in a payment step, instead of a credit card payment or an external payment.


Cancel approved candidate - creates a voucher

If you have an approved candidate and that person, for some reason, need to cancel the approved application, you can create a voucher in this process.

This voucher can be used to pay for any future event created by your organization.

  • Go to the Users/Applications, left hand menu
  • Click at the application containing the actual candidate, you want to cancel


  • Click at the candidate

  • Click Cancel Application button

  • Edit or leave the amount to refund
  • Write a comment to the candidate
  • Click Continue button

Create vouchers manually

Within a specific registration you can create vouchers, both for a single user as for a collection of users, used if a external organization wants to buy a number of seats for their customers/candidates.

This type of voucher(s) can only be used to pay for within this specific registration.

  • Go to the Users/Applications, left hand menu
  • Click at the application where to issue voucher(s).

  • Go to the Tools section and select Change settings

  • Click Manage Vouchers 

  • Click Add vouchers button

  • Write a proper name, explaining the purpose of the voucher
  • Keep the generated code or edit
  • Capacity (1=for one candidate, X= for X number of candidates)
  • Amount: write the amount
  • Copy the information into a mail and send to the user(s)

Edit a created voucher

Once you have created a voucher, it end up in the voucher list. You can see if has been used. You can also edit/delete the voucher.

  • Click at the Edit button for voucher you want to work with

  • You can change the name 
  • Increase or decrease the capacity of the voucher
  • Delete the voucher, clicking the Delete voucher button

Use a voucher

As an applicant you can use a voucher as a payment method, if you:

received the voucher to be used in this registration (admin fee or registration fee)

received a voucher after cancellation of an approved application from another event, from this organization

  • In the example below, marked with a green circle, a link with the text I have a voucher code, click this link.

  • I new window opens, write the voucher code in the section marked with Voucher code
  • Press OK button, done!