This article describe how to use Microsoft Authenticator app. It is new security feature that is becoming the standard to login to most Microsoft applications.


First time you may be asked to change the password. Enter old and new pass word and then click Sign in.

Click next

You will then arrive to this screen. At this step you need to go to your phone and the download the "Microsoft Authenticator App". When this is completed. Press Next

Press Next

You will then arrive to this screen with a QR Code. 

Switch to your phone. Start the Microsoft Authenticator App
Press + in the top right corner to add an account. 

This screen appear. Select work or school account

Select scan QR code

Use your phone to scan the QR code on your computer screen.

You will be asked to make a test approval. Press next.


You will then be asked to test the app. Press approve on your phone.

After successfully approving all is done. Press next. Completed