This article will guide you in how to add a new user, into a specific course with the role as student.

Add a student

  • Go to the menu Users/Manage accounts


  • Click at the button Add Users or Import from Excel/CSV
  1. Add users

  1. Write the e-mail, first name, last name
  2. Set E-mail to users: Yes
  3. Set Passwords: Selected by user
  4. Set Context: <Select correct program>
  5. Set Eventtype: <Select correct course> (or more)
  6. Set Tag category: Unlimited access
  7. Set Assessment type:<select correct item(s)>


Import from Excel/CVS

  • Select a file

  • A window appears, map the columns to the correct type (First name, Last Name, E-mail)
  • If first row in the Excel file, is a header, select Yes
  • E-mail users, IF you want to send invitation e-mail, click yes
  • Set Context: <Select correct program>
  • Set Eventtype: <Select correct course> (or more)
  • Set Tag category: Unlimited access
  • Click on Perform import button to finalize the creation of a new user, as a student (but not yet connected to a course, in full)

Add users to a course

The student exists in the system but needs to be connected to a course instance.

  • Go to the menu Events/Type of course/Course_instance

  • Click at the Students tab

Click at the button Add students

  • Select Manual input, if you would like to add one or two students
  • Select Import from Excel/CSV if you would like to add a list of students (list need to contains, First name, Last name, and E-mail in three separate columns)
  • Click Save button