This article is about setting up an absence report to be used in multiple courses


Create a form

  • Go to the left-hand side menu and select the menu Forms/Forms

Click the button Create new form. Two menus open up:

  • Form settings
  • Form fields

Form settings

The form settings menu control the overall issues, like:

  • Name of form
  • Available for (meaning which course should it apply to)
  • Status: Draft (working copy)|Listed (published and accessible for all|Hidden (published but only accessible for the creator to use for instance a form.

Form fields

The components of the forms, we need is listed below:

  • Rich text info
  • Dropdowns

Rich text info

  1. Write "This is an absence report for this course event"
  2. Click Save button



  1. Create an evaluation question name it "absence". (see Article)
  2. Create an rating scale and name it "absence Yes/No" with Yes, No as discrete options (see Article)
  3. Open the question and select the rating scale, and Save the question
  4. Add the question to the form
  5. Save the form

Preview form

  • Click Preview to inspect the form.

Save form

Press Save button and select which status the form should have.

Select role & users

Go to the left-hand side menu and select the menu Users

  1. Select Add users button
  2. Add details about the user (e-mail, first name, last name)
  3. E-mail users Yes
  4. Passwords: Selected by user
  5. If you would like to give access to one course select a specific course under Context
  6. If you would like to give access to all courses select the entire program under Context
  7. Select Handledare (begränsad) under Privileges (meaning get access to view the forms, submit a form, and view your own evaluations)

  • Go to the left-hand side menu and select the menu Events
  • Go to a specific event and open the Tasks and roles
  • Click on the Add Contributor and select the user from the list, to give access to a specific event

How to use the form

Find the form for a specific event

  • The user goes to
  • Login with details from the invitation letter 
  • Click on the event (the menu to the left displays att the events available for you)
  • Click at the specific event occasion (sample: VT-21)
  • Click at Forms tab
  • Click on Absence report form

Fill out a form

  • Select a student from the drop-down menu Student (the list contains all students within a course/event)
  • Select Yes if you will report a Student absent under Absence drop down menu
  • Click on Submit evaluation button to save

View your evaluations

  • Click at the Forms tab
  • Select the Student performance view
  • Select to view the form Absence
  • Select to view All students

Export your evaluations

  • Click at the Forms tab
  • Click at the Export drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen
  • Select All fields or the Current selection (see the section Current selection)

An Excel file with your selected columns is downloaded to your computer.


Current selection

The current selection refers to the column you want to view, if you would like to change the view of the list, simply click on the cogwheel icon at the top right corner of the list. Mark the columns you would like to display in your list.