This article describes the process, how to add a student to a course. You need to have an Excel list to perform this task.

Attached at the bottom, an sample Excel file for student import

Navigate to the course

  • Open Courses menu
  • Select a <course>
  • Click at the <course occasion> in the list

  •  Click at the Students tab inside the course occasion
  • Click at the drop down menu Add students & select Import from Excel/CVS

Excel file columns

Browse Excel file

  • Import list of students (browse for Excel file)

Link Excel columns

  • Import list of students (link columns/import)
  • Link the columns to the correct type (first name, last name, e-mail)
  • First Row is a header: click the Yes skip the first row, button if header in Excel file
  • E-mail users: click the Yes button if you want to send an invitation e-mail with login details to the imported users
  • Press Perform Import button

Import student list with groups

read here

Sample Excel file (attached)