This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This information is relevant to staff managing payment & registrations held by a medical society in the EU. This article describes the process how to create a visa/invitation letter.

Candidates registering from non-EU countries may require Visa invitation letters in order to apply for a Visa to attend an exam held in a EU country. Ortrac provides a configurable template for Visa invitation letters. There is a sample Visa invitation letter attached to this article to give an idea of relevant information.


  1. Click ”Visa invitation letter” to open the editor for visa letters.

  2. A window appears, in which you can create a customized visa letter for applicants.

  3. Create a letter from scratch:

    • Orientation: landscape or portrait
    • Background image: (sample: Medical Society standard letter)
    • Edit Content: click anywhere in the picture; a square appears, control the size and placement by dragging the corners & edges.
    • Write appropriate text and add variables (fields from your
      application routine) to get a Visa letter that will work for all the applicants.
    • Preview the letter

  4. The Visa letter will be available to candidates for download after their final payment, as a personalized
    pdf document.