This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This information is relevant to staff managing payment & registrations held by a medical society in the EU. This article describes the process how to work with vouchers.

Click ”Change Settings” to open the section for managing vouchers.

Click at the text “Manage Vouchers”

A pop-up window appears. Give the voucher a name, proper to the “problem” it is supposed to solve. If it's a campaign call it something like “Early bird reward”, edit the Code or leave it as it is. Set the Capacity to the proper number (0 = to unlimited) and add the correct amount, the value of the voucher. Click “Save”.

Distribute the code as you see fit, add it to a public campaign on a web page, or send it to a person in a private e-mail. The user will be asked to add their voucher code, just before they are about to pay with their credit card (online).

Next step: Create & handle visa letters (staff)