This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article describes the syntax, during import of True of False questions from an Excel file


An excerpt of your uploaded document is shown below, for context. Please indicate which columns to import. A stem and at least two options are required, as well as one option key per option. 

1. Go to Import

  1. Go to menu Question bank/My questions
  2. Click on Excel Import
  3. Select True or False a browse window appears, select the file you want to import & press Open

2. Excel file structure

  • Key should indicate that an option is correct by any of the values: "T", "True", "Y", "Yes" or "1". Incorrect answers should be identified by "F", "False", "N", "No", "0" or a blank cell. Any other values are invalid. Alternatively, a composite key can be used, which should contain a key to all of the options, e.g. "TFFTT".
  • First row is header (if the file comes with a header) select the button "Yes, skip first row"
  • Import as select Draft or Published
  • Assessment type (mandatory) select at least one from the list (Exam, Quiz, Form)
  • Perform Import (the file will be processed)

3. New Excel file

Fill out the Excel file:

Download the attached Excel-file and add your questions, see instructions below (for a 5 options question). If you have more or less options, simply add or remove columns.

How to populate the columns inside the Excel file:

  • Column A: Question Body
  • Column B: Option 1
  • Column C: (1 = correct 0 = wrong)
  • Column D: Option 2
  • Column E: (1 = correct 0 = wrong)
  • Column F: Option 3
  • Column G: (1 = correct 0 = wrong)
  • Column H: Option 4
  • Column I: (1 = correct 0 = wrong)
  • Column J: Option 5
  • Column K: (1 = correct 0 = wrong)
  • Column L: a field for comments or reference to a curriculum/topic item

4. Sample file