This article describes how to add students into an examination, using Excel/CVS files.

Navigate to the correct examination, in the left hand side menu:

  1. Click at Events
  2. Click at an Course
  3. Click at an a Specific event occasion (Course A)
  4. Click at the Exam Section

  • A new menu appears, click at Edit Exam button
  • Click at the Students tab at the top of the window
  • At the bottom of the screen, click at Add students button
  • Select the Import from Excel/CVS 

  1. Select an Excel file
  2. Link the different column, First name, Last Name, E-mail, Password (optional) to the correct column

Under import Settings

  • If the first row in the Excel file is a header click Yes button
  • If you like to e-mail users, about login details, click Yes
  • Click Perform Import button