This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article show how schedule an examination & logistic details

If you have followed the articles preceding this one, your exam should now have a name, selected question types and at least one exam segment associated to it. This means you are now able to schedule the exam and setup some more options under the exam details.

Note: If you have not added an exam segment you will not be able to schedule the exam, please see this article for adding an exam segment.

Navigate to the "Info" tab and you will find that the exam details now include the exam segment added in the previous step. All the settings on this page can be edited as long as the exam has not been published.  

The following settings can be edited for each segment;

  • Start time: Select a date from the calendar and edit the time manually.

  • Duration: Hours and minutes that the candidates are allowed for completing the exam

  • End time: This time will be calculated automatically from the start date and duration. It cannot be edited manually.

  • Question order: Determines if the questions should be presented to the candidates in a pre-determined order or if they should be randomized for each candidate. Randomized order is recommended to minimize risk of cheating.

  • Password to start: The password entered will be used on the day of the exam and will only be presented to candidates that have checked in to the exam venue.

  • Password to submit: This password entered is used when the candidate decides to submit his/her exam.

  • Passmark: Determines the minimum percentage required to pass the exam. This value can be edited until exam results have been established.