This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article will explain the procedure around an examination, as a user. These instructions are divided into three steps, BEFORE, DURING and AFTER examination. 


Participate in an Online Examination



Before examination

1. Arrival

  • Check-in, present ID
  • Leave your mobile phone at the front desk (if required)
  • Receive the Candidate instructions

2. Startup

  • Computer power ON
  • Connect to local Wifi
  • Open a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari. Edge)
  • Go to
  • Follow the Candidate instructions


3. Examination waiting room

Before the examination starts, you will be in the waiting room for the participant of an examination.
The participant can get familiarized with the questions types and read instructions, how to navigate inside the examination, awaiting the start of the examination ( = start button appears, at the top left corner)

  • Instructions: (opening hours for exam + your duration)
  • Sample questions: try test questions before the examination

4. Examination open

  • At the appointed time, the exam opens and the START button appears
  • Click the button to enter the examination
  • Optional: Receive the login code, from the front desk

During examination

1. Examination - Main functions

  1. Question navigation (right), click on a number to go to the question
  2. Question stem (top & left-hand side) The very question
  3. Question options, (below the stem) by marking option(s) you have answered the question. The answer is saved. As soon as a question is answered the result is downloaded to a central database to avoid data loss. It's for your own safety.
  4. Bookmark; a personal remainder, does not affect the result of the question
  5. Timer: toggle timer (on/off), shows the individual time you got left
  6. Font size, increase/decrease
  7. Network connection means you got working wifi, if not, reconnect to the internet.
  8. Clear response; remove the answers in the active question
  9. Finish exam button, stop the examination (you get a notification before you actually quit the exam)

Submit answers? The answers will be stored in the database as soon as you answer a question

Go back to a question? you can answer a question & edit your answer, as many times as you want, within the duration of the active examination.

2. Answered all the questions

You will be notified after answering all questions. If you have time left, use this to check out the questions you marked as uncertain or go to next step.

3. Finish the examination

  • After reviewing your answers lower right corner and press the Finish button. This will close down
    the examination for you. A window will give you the chance to turn back to the examination, if you
    by accident, pressed the “Finish” button Depending on which type of setup your society uses, you may see the results afterward.

Optional: sometimes you need a Finish exam code to shut down the exam. If so you will receive this from the staff. 


The examination is now over!

  • Logout from the system

After examination

  • Leave your station
  • Show your identification to check out

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