This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article will teach you how to fill out and complete an assignment


Find your Assignments

  • Go to the Analytics/Portfolio menu, on the left hand side
  • If you have modules, open a module
  • Under the Assignments sections, all your Assignment listed


  • Click an assignment in the list
  • On the left hand side you have the general information. On the right hand side is the status of the Assignment

Assignment - First Submission

  • Read the Assignment 


  • Under My Submission section, fill out the items needed to submit.
  • Status: Event startdate
  • Due date: Last date to send the assignment to the teacher
  • Ways to fulfil the Assignment:
    • Text fields
    • Dropdown menus 
    • Upload items
  • Complete the Assignment by clicking Save button


Assignment - Review Status

  • History button will reveal the interaction between you and the teacher. 
  • If you were to edit the submitted assignment click on the Edit button