This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article show the different parameters you can set before an examination is activated


Sections & parameters

Event details

  • Open Event details, a window appears with the following info:
  1. Name: the name of your container, stated earlier
  2. Exam code: this code is important, the students need this to enter the exam, later on.
  3. Start date: enter the date for this event
  4. Grading scale: from the dropdown menu select:
    • Pass/Fail (most common)
    • Pass/Borderline/Fail
    • A-F
    • Ungraded

  • Click Save button to save this event, the container for the examination.




  • Click on the Exam button, to expand, to enter specific details.
    • Title: name the Examination
    • Description: enter info about the examination, this will be visible for the student before entering the examination.
    • Prerequisite: select No Prerequisite
  • Click the Save button


Edit Exam 

Click on the Edit button,  a new window appears:



Depending on which type of examination you like to do, a number of settings are presented below:

Start time:

  • Available immediately
  • Scheduled start

Duration: 01:00

Question order: 

  • Random
  • Sorted


  • No Feedback
  • Score 
  • Correct answers

Demo exam:

  • Disabled
  • Default

Require safe browser:

  • Yes, with default settings
  • Yes, with custom settings
  • No

Password to start: abcd

Password to submit: 1234

Grading scale:

  • Pass/Fail
  • Pass/Borderline/Fail
  • A-F
  • Ungraded

Pass mark: 68% correct

Sample Exam

A suggested way to do it, if you were to create an examination with 100 SBA, questions and randomized order of the questions, and random order of the options, with feedback to the student afterward, + a demo exam before they start, start/stop codes, pass/fail and passmark 60 &´%, would be to use the settings below:

  • Start time: Scheduled start (20200601)
  • Duration: 02:30
  • Question order: Random
  • Feedback: Correct answers
  • Demo exam: Default
  • Require safe browser: No
  • Password to start: abcd
  • Password to submit: 1234
  • Grading scale:Pass/Fail
  • Pass mark: 60% correct

  • Press Save button
  • Go to the menu Exam Layout and click on the Add section button to create a container with questions.
  • In the field Number of questions write 100 questions.
  • Press Save button