This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article describes the timeline and different steps required to prepare and deliver an exam in Ortrac, from registration and payment to delivery and results. Watch the video or read the guide below for an overview.


Create an online examination



1. Preparing the event

Recommended timeframe: 6-9 months before exam

1.1 Society/Customer

  • Submit a request to run one or several online exams + locations and number of participants
  • Decide with from of delivery (online in a classroom using a browser OR at home using an app)
  • Decide to use Orzone registration system, OR not.

1.2 Orzone

  • Check if requested exams fit in the calendar
  • Set up and open payment and registration system for the examination
  • Prepare customer accounts for handling questions/translations
  • Send out invitation letters to question writers/reviewers/registration admin/user admins

2. Create the questions

Recommended timeframe: 1-6 months before the exam

2.1 Society

  • Question writers access Ortrac with their new accounts to write questions. 
  • Questions from other question banks can be imported from Excel.
  • Ortrac provides reviewing tools for selecting the final questions for the exam.

3. Build the exam

Recommended timeframe: 2-4 weeks before the exam

3.1 Society

  • Event details: date/center(s)/timezone, time, duration
  • Candidate list: username/e-mail/center will populate the exmination with logins & passwords
  • Question list: the list of final questions

3.2 Orzone

  • Candidate lists with login details will be created for each center and distributed to appointed center managers
  • Remote exams, invitation letter with app instructions distributed to candidates

4. Center setup

Recommended timeframe: 1-7 weeks before exam

4.1 Society

  • Verify internet/wifi access is set up for the scheduled amount of candidates
  • Verify that web browsers are compatible with Ortrac
  • Assign a point of contact for each data center to Orzone: name/phone/e-mail

4.2 Orzone

  • Provide a point of contact with candidate lists (login details) 
  • Provide a point of contact with support center details: online/at the site (see the contract)
  • If At site from Orzone, education with invigilators can be planned
  • (optional) if test examination required, Orzone send details to point of contact
  • Invigilators get their instructions (for browser=login to ortrac, for remote = download app)

5. Exam delivery (day of exam)

Recommended timeframe: 1-3 hours before the exam

5.1 Society

  • Verify Wifi/Internet connectivity
  • Invigilator(s) prepare the computer tables, electronic converters
  • Invigilators login to and follow link at startup page to monitor exam
  • If “Bring your own device” important to have power outlets for all computers
  • Setup a check-in station, participants show id and get login details/instructions to examination
  • (home exams) Invigilators starts theri app to monitor exam

6. Results and reports (statistics)

Recommended timeframe: 1-10 days after exam

  • Within hours after the examination is finished a standard report is sent to the point of contact
  • If "Angoff” session planned, the software/information will be prepared and ready to go within an hour
  • Removed questions & set pass marks, to be delivered to Orzone before specialized reports can occur
  • Specialized reports will be delivered according to contracts, within 10 working days
  • Removed questions from examination and/or results from the paper examination will be updated in a database according to contract