This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article describes what will happen if you press the Test Examination button in the waiting room, before an online examination.


Demo examination

This examination contains 3 questions, two MCQ (with one single answer) and one True/False question with an attached image). Inside this demonstration you are able to try out the following features:

  • Control the time display (ON/OFF)
  • Control the size of the text (zoom in/out)
  • If you have access to the internet (needed for the exam to work)
  • Navigate between questions
  • Answer a question
  • Able to increase the size of an attached image
  • Bookmark a question

The test examination starts with a tour, which you can choose to follow, or simply quit the tour and try out the test examination with the three questions mentioned above. If you for some reason like to take a look at the guided tour again, just quit the test examination and go back in again

 Guided tour, steps:

1. Welcome

2. Text size

3. Navigation panel

4. Question stem

5. Options

6. Finish button

7. Bookmarked question

A yellow marker appears, this is the only functionality, for you to create a reminder of a question you need to take a closer look at, later on. This has NOTHING to do with you answering the question or not, simply a remainder

8. Network connection

In the top, right corner you can see if your computer has access to the internet or not, this is important to have, if not, call on an invigilator.

9. An MCQ question (with one correct answer)

10. A True/False question 

Need to answer every part question separately + image which can be enlarged

Press the button "Finish Exam" to go back to the examination waiting room