This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article will guide you to install plugins into your browser to improve your experience, using the Ortrac Examination module.


General information


About Chrome Plugins

browser extension is a type of software that is added to a browser to extend its capabilities. Sticky Notes, for example, is a Google Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to take notes inside Chrome as you read articles or watch videos. There are also extensions that capture and edit screenshots in your browser, check your spelling, display the lyrics for YouTube music videos, and much more.

Note: Browser extensions are only available for desktop versions of Chrome. Extensions do not work with the Chrome mobile apps.

How to Install Official Chrome Extensions

To download Google Chrome extensions from the official location of approved extensions.

1. Visit the Chrome Web Store and search for the extension you want to install.


2. Select the extension to open its Details page for more information.


3. Select Add to Chrome. (Note: : You may be prompted to sign in to your Google account if you're not logged in.)

Spellcheck plugins

Grammarly for Chrome


From grammar and spelling to style and tone, Grammarly helps you eliminate writing errors and find the perfect words to express yourself. You’ll get suggestions from Grammarly as you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and nearly everywhere else you find yourself writing. Grammarly is a writing assistant that goes deeper than grammar to offer you comprehensive writing feedback. You can be confident that your writing is not only correct, but clear and concise, too. Be sure to register your account to receive a personalized writing report each week to help you track your progress and identify improvement areas.

Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger


Ginger Page for Chrome is the ultimate tool for writing, offering everything you need to write great English in your favorite websites.

It includes a full set of features to ensure that you make the most out of all of your written communications: Equally suited for both native and non-native English speakers, you can use Ginger Page to enhance your writing in business correspondence, academic documents, and for social writing.

Text to speech plugins

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader


Read out loud the current web-page article with one click. Supports 40+ languages.
Tired of sitting, tired of reading? Click a button, jump on your bed, and have the article read aloud to you. You can choose from many available male and female voices. You can also set the pitch of the voice and the reading speed. Supports PDF.

Starting in version 1.4.6, you can use your Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account to enable Amazon Polly and Google Wavenet voices.

Read Aloud is a Chrome and Firefox extension that uses text-to-speech technology to convert webpage text to audio. It works on a variety of websites, including news sites, blogs, fan fiction, publications, textbooks, school and class websites, online universities, and course materials.


Simple Text to Speech


Select the text you want to hear, right-click and select 'Speak selection'
I made this extension for myself because I need something simple that will speak text with a wicked female voice. If you find this extension useful, rate and share it.


  • Select the text you want to hear, right-click and click on 'Speak selection'.
  • The speech will continue, even if you close the tab unless you specifically right click and click on 'Stop Speech'.
  • Large text selection will take a few seconds to load in memory and for the speech to start.
  • Known Bug: If the speech doesn't start, please Stop and Start the speech again.