This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article explains how to use the Personal Account Settings for all users.



The functionalities for all users are described here:

  1. Toggle menu (to the left)
  2. Language
  3. Help
  4. Chat with your peers
  5. Notifications
  6. Your user



1 Toggle menu

Toogle functionality for left menu (in one mode you only see the icons = more room for the rest or the functions, In the other mode you have a combinaton of icons and text).


2. Language

Select which type of language the menus should contain.


3. Help

This site is an online connection to the Ortrac knowledge database. Search for the topic where you want to find information.


4. Chat with your peers

Click on a person inside your society/course and start a chat.


5 Notifications

Status with different actions you are involved in


6 Settings

Click on the Settings menu to open the editor for your personal details




6.1 Credentials

If you wish to change your e-mail address or password, please provide your current password. Please note that your new e-mail address will be used both for communication and for login.

6.2 Personal information

You may edit some personal information here. For changing your name or e-mail address, please ask your support contact for assistance. Please note that changing your e-mail address affects your login credentials as well as your e-mail notifications.


6.3 Photo

You may upload photos in JPEG, GIF, and PNG format. Maximum size is 1.00 MB. By uploading a photo you certify that you have the right to distribute this photo and that it does not violate the End User License Agreement. Please note that changes to your photo are effective immediately, and do not require that you save your changes.


6.4 Regional settings

Use the language setting to change how information is displayed. This does not translate any content on the site, but alters localized information such as date format and whether a 12- or 24 hour clock is used Use the time zone setting to change the time zone in which date and time information will be presented to you throughout the site.


6.5 E-mail notifications

All options related to sending e-mail notifications to your e-mail account.


6.6 Applications

Active applications - displays a list of personal registration events

  • Name column, display the name of the exam
  • Application deadline column, display last application date
  • Status columnthe states Pending review|Approved|Need more info

Click on registration to view the progress details for this application 

Browse open applications display events you can apply to, through your organization

6.7 Past exams

My past Exams - displays a list of personal exams

  • Name column, display the name of the exam
  • Date column, display the date you took the exam
  • Status column, these states Results not published|Result Published

Click on an exam with the status Result Published and you will reach a menu with your personal reports, with the alternative views:

  • View report show report at the screen
  • Download PDF


  • Preliminary scored exam (pre-grading)
  • Scored exam
  • Grades
  • Detailed candidate report card

6.8 Payment history

Transactions - displays a list of personal event payments


  • Date column
  • Status column
  • Amount column
  • Item description column

Click on a row to get more details