This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac Web. This article will teach you how to create an Evaluation form


Find menu

  • Go to the Forms/Forms in the left menu

A menu opens, with a list of created forms, divided into two tabs (Published = accessable to all, Draft = your personal forms in draft mode)

Create new

  • Create a new form, click the button Create new form

In the Forms field section, press Add field button, select an item from the dropdown list below:

  • Evaluation question (a question with connected rating scale option & tags)
  • File upload (add a selectable file as an input to the form)
  • Rich text info (Describing text section)
  • Separator (a line to create a graphical effect of separation in form)

These items can be set to mandatory

  • Add your items by,the Forms setting section:
  • Enter a Name for the form 
  • Available for, select which event(s) the form will be available form
  • Student selection (multi-selection enables submission of an identical evaluation of several students at once)
  • Evaluation mode (setting single evaluation constraints each student to be evaluated once)
  • Select a status:
    • Draft (meaning its only for you to see, a working copy)
    • Listed (the form turns to action for all students, in the selected events)
    • HIdden (the forms turn active BUT only you as a creator can use it on selected users)
  • Tag settings (if you have Tag groups connected to the course, you can control them here)


  • Save the question by clicking the Save button