This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar

The top menu bar shows the name of the current Quiz or Form you are working on as well as the current question number. To see a list of all the questions of the current assessment click on the question number button at the top left of the screen.

The bottom menu bar has three buttons:

  • Menu - click this to access the assessment delivery menu.
    - This menu shows the overall progress (percentage of answered questions)
    - Provides a tumbler to quickly scroll to a specific question
    - Provides a slider to adjust the size of the font
    - Provides a button to finish the exam

  • Back "<" button to go back to the previous question. The same effect can be achieved by swiping right from the left edge.

  • Forward ">" button to go to the next question. The same effect can be achieved by swiping left from the right edge.

  • The Forward button is exchanged for a "Hold to Finish" button when you have reached the last question. Note that there may still be unanswered questions. Check the progress bar in the menu to make sure all questions have been answered before finishing the Quiz or Form.