This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar

  1. Make sure you have selected the correct course.
  2. Click on "Create new"

  3. Select "Quiz"

  4. Click on a tag category to expand and display the tags under that category. Select the tags that you wish to be evaluated on. It is possible to select tags from several categories. The number indicator in the tag category header shows how many tags you have currently selected under that category.

  5. Click "Next" on the bottom menu bar

  6. Swipe up or down to select the question types you wish to include. The right tumbler will adjust the number of questions available for the currently selected question type.
  7. Swipe up or down to select the number of questions you would like for your quiz. The maximum amount is the number of questions aligned with the outcomes you selected. You can modify your outcome selection by clicking "Modify selection"

  8. Click "Next". The app will now select a random selection of questions from the set.

  9. Give your quiz a title in the text field at the top of the menu

  10. Click "Save"

  11. Your quiz is now added to the list of assessments for this course and is ready to be used.