This article refers to the functionality of app Ortrac Scholar

A summary and score are presented immediately after completion of the quiz for quizzes you have created. Downloaded quizzes may have deferred scoring and/or partial feedback. The author of the quiz can decide if the result should be available to the student. The author can also choose to make the score available but without feedback, which means the student will see the overall score on the Quiz but will not be able to see the correct answers, feedback, and scoring for each individual answer.

Note! Some downloaded quizzes may restrict the amount of feedback you can receive in the Ortrac Scholar app. A course administrator may choose to defer scoring to the Ortrac platform and present the result at his/her discretion. The administrator may also choose to restrict the possibility to view the correct answers and/or rationale.

At this point, it is possible to:

  • Review correct answers and feedback - simply click on one of the questions in the list to get started. You can then review each question in turn and navigate the quiz in the same manner as before.

  • Discard - this will delete the result. 
  • Save - this will save the result to your device and close the quiz result.