This article describes how to deliver an OSCE examination in the Ortrac platform



For examiners and exam admins


  • Overview of stations
  • Graphic shows number of submissions and percentage of candidates marked (both may be interesting in the case of multiple submissions per candidate)
  • Call to action: Mark station
  • ”View submissions” to be implemented


  • Admin prompted to close exam when all candidates are marked
  • Force close prior to this is possible from settings page


  • Pick a student and fill out form
  • Photo ID capability
  • Progress bar (if single submission per candidate)
  • If groups are in use, progress within group is displayed as well
  • If single submission per candidate, already evaluated candidates are greyed out in list
  • Go to Courses/<course>/<course occasion>
  • Go to OSCE
  • Under the tab Stations
  • Click the button Mark Station
  • In the Student section, select a Student (Group)

  • Fill out the <form>
  • Click the button Submit Evaluation 
  • (a confirmation windows appear), click the button OK

Control your submission

  • Click the button All Stations
  • Control your station, you see the graph should be updated with a submission


  • Track the progress of the exam and spot anomalies
  • For single submissions per candidate a tick box is shown on marked stations
  • Option to show score instead of whether station is marked

Overview multiple markings

  • For stations where each candidate is marked more than once, viewing ”markings” yields the number of markings
  • Score always shows the highest score
  • An additional option to view score variance is available