This article describes how to plan and prepare for an OSCE examination in the Ortrac system



This entire section applies to OSCE Exam admins only

Create OSCE exam

  • Go to Courses/<course>/<course occasion>
  • Go to OSCE menu
  • Click the button Create new exam
  • Add a name 
  • Add a start date
  • Click Yes/no to select Anonymous marking (meaning: no personal information is shown about the student, just numbers)
  • Exam group (currently not in use)

Configure OSCE exam

Add form stations and rest stations

  • Click the button Add station
  • Give the station a name
  • Select Type Rest station or Assessed station (and select a Form)
  • Click the button Save

Rearrange stations and rest stations

  • Click the button Rearrange station
  • Move a station, right click on the 3 lines and drag n drop the station
  • Click the button Save changes

Overview highlights

  • If there are form stations w/o form, which is an error
  • If form has optional fields, allows multiple submissions, 
  • or isn’t configured for borderline regression, all of which are allowed but may not be desired

Add examiners

  • Under the section OSCE Examiners, click the button Add OSCE Examiner

Define candidate groups

  • Under the section Candidate groups, click the button Create group
  • Give the group a name
  • Click the button Create group

Save changes

Under the section to the right, Exam:

  • Check the name
  • Check the start date
  • If you want to hide candidate identity and only represent a candidate with a number(=Candidate code), click Yes
  • Click the button Save

Publish exam

  • Publish the exam to indicate readiness, by clicking the button Publish exam

Add students to exam

  • Go to the tab, Students

  • Click the button Add students

Manual input, add the following:

  • E-mail
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Candidate code (used if Anonymous)
  • Group

Import from course occasion:

  • Alt 1: Click the button All students (+ group) & click the button Import all students
  • Alt 2: Click the button Selected students, mark the students with the checkbox (+ group) & click the button Import selected students

Import from Excel/CVS:

  • Select an excel file with the following columns (E-mail, First name, Last name, Title, Candidate code, Group name)
  • Link the columns to correct label, drop down menu
  • If the file contains a header, click First row is a Header = Yes
  • E-mail users Yes/no (notify students in advance)
  • Click the button Perform import


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