This article describes how to make an instruction that the student sees when they log in to their course. In the instruction there are links to forms they should use during the course.



Here you can see an example of an information box that you as a teacher / admin can put on your course and where you have the opportunity to tell a little about the course and the forms to be used. The red lines are direct links to forms that are linked to the student/course occasion.

Information inside content


You can have the following components in a information box (Content object)

Free text fields for student information

  • Different types of attachments, such as:
    • File upload
    • URL
    • Iframe
  • Free text field for Administrator information (not visible to students)

You can mark/tag the information box, in the same way as you do in forms. For increased traceability.

Create a course & course occasion

  • You need a course, this is created in the Blueprint module Blueprinting - Create a course)
  • You also need a course (read: Clinical Medicine III Spring semester 2022) where the information should be. Go to the appropriate course and click the Create Course X button.


Create the Ortrac Content

  • Click the newly created course occasion
  • Go to Content menu
  • Click the Create New button
  • Select Learning content from the drop down menu



Content editor

An editor opens to edit your information component. It is divided into two parts, a Public view. this is the part the student sees and then there is Admin View, that section only sees the teacher.

  • Open the Word file that is attached to this article and cut the first section on Public View and the second, last part under Admin View.
  • To make the information text visible to students in the course, under Status select the Published and listed mode

    Press the Save button



Upload material

If you want to make additions in the form of the file, you can do it under Attachments, works in the same way both on Public and on Admin view.

  • Click the Browse button and locate the file to be added


Links can also be added, both from the internet or links that are internal objects in Ortrac, such as Forms or other types of Content.

  • Click the link button and paste the link


Public view Admin view

Below you can see the finished Information Object, with its two-part view, one for students and one for Teachers and Administrators.


Lista with Informationsobjekt for a course occasion (Admin view)

For each course instance, the administrator can see all Content in a list and what status they have, if they are hidden/draft/published



How does it appears as a student

You may want to see what the information looks like for a student.

  • Go to the course session with your created information item
  • Click on the Students tab
  • Click on a student
  • Select View Performance in the window

Dashboard for the student appears:

  • Click on the information item under the Information section, as it looks here, this is how it looks for the student

If you have no students admitted to the course, you can add yourself to the role of student:

  • Go to the Users menu(on the left)
  • Select yourself from the list
  • Click on the Roles section
  • Click the Add role button
  • Select Student from the drop down menu
  • Log out of the system
  • Log in again (as a student) by selecting the new course when you go to
  • Your information box will appear on the first page, under the Information section


see attached Word file: Text proposal for new course occasion