This article describes how to change your e-mail address in the Ortrac system.

Important to make a personal note of the new e-mail address, as this is the key to enter the system. You will not get a notification of the change. However, if you forget the password, that can be restored. 

  • Login to the Ortrac ( system with your old e-mail address
  • Go to the left hand menu, marked with a user-icon and your user name
  • Select the Settings menu


If you wish to change your e-mail address or password, please provide your current password. Please note that your new e-mail address will be used both for communication and for login.

  • Enter your new e-mail address in the E-mail text box
  • Provide your Ortrac password into the Current password text box
  • Click Save changes button, to confirm your changes

Note: if you don't remember your password (for any reason) logout from the system and click at the text I cannot access my account. You will get an e-mail to your current e-mail address with a link to a page for resetting your password. After this step start from the top of this article.