This article briefly describes what one needs to think about to begin using EPA linked to forms. 


What is an EPA Entrustable?

The entrustable professional activity (EPA) concept allows faculty to make competency-based decisions on the level of supervision required by trainees. ... Collectively, the competencies (ACGME or CanMEDS) constitute a framework that describes the qualities of professionals.

Components needed for EPA forms

Components needed to start a form with EPA components:

  • A course opportunity
  • Students must be added to the course (setting of one / many students at a time)
  • Create a clear preamble for forms that describe the situation
  • You have to create a Rating scale
  • One must create an Evaluation Question (name it according to EPA description
  • The Rating scale is linked to the Evaluation Question
  • Think about whether you want to give general text feedback at the end of the form
  • Should you connect a number of tags with which the evaluation is marked

An example of EPA

Here is an example of a form and its components, see EPA example(SWE)

EPA and descriptions

This article contains the EPA and descriptions we use in Sweden.(SWE)