This article refers to the functionality of the Ortrac Web system. This article describes how to create a form

Go to the left hand side menu and select the menu Forms

Click the button Create new form

Two menus opens up:

  • Form settings
  • Form fields

Form settings

The form settings menu control the overall issues, like:

  • Name of form
  • Available for (meaning which course should it apply to)
  • Status: Draft (working copy)|Listed (published and accessible for all|Hidden (published but only accessible for the creator to use for instance ac DOPS forms.

Form fields

The components of the forms, items and logic creates the form, components listed below:

  • Text fields
  • Drop downs
  • File upload
  • Evaluation question
  • Rich text info
  • Separator (creating sections)

Text fields 

Drop downs

File upload

Evaluation question

This question(s) can be used to do advanced judgement (matrix/rubrics). The questions which you choose from are form the database for the Event/Course you want to apply the question(s) from. The questions can be tagged to specific areas/blueprinting for tracability.

Rich text info

Preview form

Press the Preview button to see how the form turns out for users.


Save form

Press Save button and select which status the form should have.