This article refers to the functionality of Ortrac web. This article show how to create a group.


The group functionality works like a tag. Mark your members in the group with a name, for now. Moving the member to another situation, the group tag will not be updated, instead, you need to remove the tag and add a new one, more fit to the new situation.

1. Go to event

  • The left hand menu, click Events menu (marked with a checkbox icon)
  • Click on a specific named event
  • Go to the tab, Students

2. Create a Group

  • Click on student
  • Click on Edit Student


  • Write the name of the group inside the Group membership field and click on the +-Sign


  • Click Save

3. Add more students to the group

  • At the main menu of the student page, mark the number of students by marking the checkbox for each user.


At the right-hand side of the screen, a number of options appear:

  • Add to group, all users can be added to an existing group or a new one.
  • Remove from the group, all users can be from an existing group.
  • Send a message, send a message to the selected students